How To Use Laptop As A Monitor For PS3? Brief Guide 2022

Playing PS3 on your laptop isn’t less than a treat for those who want to buy a separate monitor for that. One of the best benefits of using your laptop for PS3 is saving you money. Running PS3 games on this era’s laptop isn’t tricky, and these laptops make it easier for video game players to connect it in a while and start their game.

How To Use Laptop As A Monitor For PS3? Step By Step Guide

To use a laptop as a monitor for PS3, you only need to have an HDMI cable. Then connect the output end with the PS3 and the Input end to the laptop HDMI port. Once connected, your laptop will be turned into the PS3, and you can play games on the laptop as a monitor.

HDMI-in is the quality that your laptop must-have for connecting the PS3. Although, some possible and workable loopholes are also there to connect your laptop to the Play Station 3 other than HDMI. In this blog post, I’ve covered some other methods that may help you connect your laptop.


Check your laptop compatibility before connecting with PS3

First of all, you need to confirm that your laptop should have an HDMI-in port when playing the PS3 game on a laptop. If your laptop doesn’t have this feature, you won’t play this game on your laptop. Many laptops have one input primarily for the output rather than getting input from other devices. If you buy a new laptop, you should look for that specific feature to have an extra advantage for PS3 or Xbox 360.

The laptop is not compatible

Without having an HDMI-in feature, you can also play PS3 games on the laptop by using a capture card, but they are a bit expensive to buy. Other than price, another flaw is that when you connect the capture card with your PC as a primary display through HDMI, the capture card faces dormancy. While playing the game, multiple seconds delay comes, slowing down the game tempo and making it difficult to continue. 

If you don’t want to spend many bucks and want to play a PS3 game without any disturbance, you can have the second-hand monitor as well at an affordable price for playing your favorite game. And that is much better than finding the sidesteps to make the game playing possible on laptops.

Another effective way to play games on a laptop as a monitor is by using a PS4. You can try out to play PS4 on a laptop with HDMI if your laptop supports it.

4 practical ways of connecting laptop with PS3

Connect the capture card to your laptop:

Firstly, you need to transmit the information from your PS3 HDMI out port to your laptop through the USB port. PS3 screen will be seen on the laptop but make sure it is switched on already. If you cannot see the screen, we have got the solution; in this case well to create ease for all of you. Just confirm the video capture card connections, HDMI cable, USB cable, port, and connector.

Connect through file sharing:

There are three easy steps to connect your laptop with PS3 through file sharing between the devices. 

Step1: Select the setting by going into the PS3 menu and selecting the network setting after scrolling down. There is no need to find the internet connection setting option, and you will find the wireless router there from the available connection. You will select the wireless router, and if you are not getting connections, you can scan for existing networks. If it has security, you need to put the password. The “enabled” option will appear in the network setting when you are connected.

Step2: If you have a router, you can link your laptop with PS3 and connect the console and laptop with ethernet cables. This is needed when PS3 has 40 gigabytes of memory.

Step3: The devices will be connected through a USB cable. To make it possible, you will need a USB cable with two thin connector plugins to play the game via this effective method. 

Connect via HDMI cable:

Here is the way to use the laptop as a monitor for Play Station 3 in case of an HDMI Port. The HDMI cable has two ends, you will connect one end of the cable to Play Station 3, and the other end will be connected to the HDMI port on your laptop. After this, switch on the PS3 and make sure your laptop is also switched on. The screen will automatically change to PS3 input, and you are ready to play your game.

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Connect through Wifi or WLAN:

If you were thinking about connecting the laptop to PS3 wirelessly, then using wifi method is the same as you have learned in file sharing. When the internet connection says enabled in the network setting, you will also have an IP address, DNS, and MTU value. And it will help in eliminating DHCP hostnames and proxy servers. It also helps activate UPnP, which is called universal plug and play.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect PS3 to laptop Windows 10?

You can connect PS3 to laptop windows 10 with the help of a USB or by PS3 cable, which comes along with the PS3 box. If you don’t have a PS3 cable, you can contact their support to get the cable. You can also connect with an HDMI cable. Connecting PS3 to a laptop with a USB is an easy and effective method to play games. 

How to connect PS3 to a laptop without a capture card?

You can easily connect your laptop with PS3 by connecting HDMI cable, file sharing, and through WLAN as well. Without having a capture card, you can also enjoy your game by applying all these authentic methods above.

How to connect PS3 to laptop with HDMI cable windows 10?

This is one of the perfect and easiest ways of connecting your laptop with a PS3. You need an HDMI cable and the HDMI in port featured laptop. You will connect the end cable to PS3 and the other HDMI port on the laptop. Now you will see the screen changes into PS3 input.

How to connect PS3 to laptop without HDMI?

Suppose you don’t want to use an HDMI cable for connecting your console with the laptop. You will have the option of a component AV cable that can support high-definition videos. It has also got the ability of five inputs, and you won’t get it with the PS3; you will need to buy it separately.


All the methods above are helpful for playing games on a laptop by using PS3. After launching the PS4, which comes with advanced technology, I would suggest buying a PS4 for better gaming and watching experience. 

So that was our experience, what we have shared about “how to use laptop as a monitor for PS3” while connecting our laptops with PS3 by different techniques. We have made these four methods more accessible and more authentic. After reading this article, I hope there won’t be any queries about how to use the laptop with PS3. 

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