How To Record Zoom Meeting On Laptop In 4 Simple Steps

In the current era and prevailing situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has made work from home and meetings easy and effective. You can engage in conversation with people face-to-face and talk to them. But, you may find it little tricky when it comes to recording the meetings on Zoom. But, don’t worry at all, you can record a meeting with just a click or two.

How To Record Zoom Meeting On Laptop?

Recording the zoom meeting on the laptop is simple if you are the host of the meeting, enable recording in the meetings settings but if you are not, you can either ask for the host’s permission or use third-party software like OBS Studio to record them.


Further in this article, we will explain the ways to record a Zoom meeting on a laptop in detail for you. 

How to record Zoom meetings on a laptop if you are a host?

If you are the host of a Zoom meeting and desire to record the meeting on your laptop, you should follow the upcoming steps to record the meeting at ease;

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1. Start the meeting and hit the record button:

At the very first, when you start the Zoom meeting, at the bottom of the screen there are three horizontal dots. Click on the dots, a pop-up wind will display on the right lower corner; where you’ll see the Start Recording button. You need to click that button, and a tab will show up. Next, click on the “record on this computer” button on that tab. Once you have done that, your recording will start.

2. Convert the recording:

When the meeting ends, Zoom will show a pop-up on which you will see the option to convert the meeting recording into a video file. Select that option and Zoom will start converting your meeting. Once the converting process complete, the recorded session will download in your selected PC location.

3. Locating the converted video:

Once the recording is converted, the next thing you need to do is to locate the destination of the recording. For that, click on the recording tab in the settings menu, and a screen will show up. On that, you will see the destination of your recordings right at the top. Browse that place in the search bar or click “open” next to it.

4. Sharing the recording:

After getting done with the meeting recording, you can also share it with your colleagues or other people you want to show the meeting. In addition, you can use websites like Canva to embed your recording and share it easily with people in a professional way.

This is the method to use Zoom’s built-in screen recording software at the disposal of meeting hosts you can use to record the zoom meeting on your laptop when you are the host.

How to record a Zoom meeting on a laptop if you are not a host?

It is effortless for the meeting host to record the zoom meeting, but it can be difficult for meeting members who are not the hosts. If you are also one of those people and need to record the meeting, you can follow these methods to record your Zoom meeting:

1. Asking for host’s permission:

The easiest and the first way to record a Zoom meeting on your laptop is to ask for the host’s permission to record the meeting. Unfortunately, the zoom does not allow you to record the meeting without the host allowing it. It is a feature that was added recently in the latest updates of Zoom. You can ask for the host’s permission by simply contacting them in the chat and asking them to allow it in the meeting settings menu. That will automatically start recording for all participants.

2. Using third-party screen recording software:

The second method you can use to record a Zoom meeting is using third-party screen recording software like OBS Studio or BandaiCam, etc. This software is extremely easy to use. You can start recording the meeting just by opening these apps and using hotkeys or buttons to start the recording. Again, you will neither need the host’s permission nor be the host yourself for this method.

These are the easiest methods you can use to record a Zoom meeting even when you are not the host and only a meeting participant.

How to record a Zoom meeting without the host’s permission on a laptop?

Unfortunately, there is no way you can use Zoom’s built-in screen recorder to record the meeting while not being the host or without the host’s permission.

To counter this issue, you can use different screen recording apps available on the web to record the Zoom meetings. These apps can be like OBS Studio, BandaiCam, ScreenREC, etc. I I hope using these software you know how to record zoom meeting with audio. These are the most preferred and reliable screen recording apps for Zoom meeting recording. So, you can use them to record the meeting on your laptop.

Frequently asked questions: 

The most recurrent questions asked by people all around the world include:

How to record Zoom meetings as a participant on a mobile?

You can record Zoom meetings as a participant on your mobile using Zoom’s built-in screen recorder only if you have the paid membership of Zoom Cloud meetings and the host’s permission. 

When you open the mobile Zoom app and join a meeting, you will see a menu option in the bottom right corner. A list of different settings will appear where you will have to select “record in iOS or android cloud”. Once it has started, it will automatically start uploading video recording data to your OS cloud.

How to record Zoom meetings without permission on android?

When you have to record the Zoom meetings on android, and you do not have the permission of the host to record them, you will have to use third-party screen recording applications to record the Zoom meetings. The most effective and reliable screen recording apps for android are MobiZen and AZ screen recorder. You can use them easily and now you understand how to record zoom meeting without permission on phone.

How to record Zoom meeting as a participant?

You can record a Zoom meeting as a participant by either asking for the host’s permission or by installing and using third-party screen recording apps and software to record the Zoom meeting. These are the only methods you can use to record a Zoom meeting as a participant.

How to record a Zoom meeting without permission on Windows 10?

You can use screen recording applications like iTOP screen recorder or OBS Studio, etc., completely compatible with Windows 10. You can utilize this method to record a Zoom meeting on Windows 10 without permission. So this can be an effective how to record zoom meeting without permission on laptop.


Zoom Cloud meetings have made it surprisingly easy for us to continue our regular work with our friends and colleagues in this crisis of COVID-19. But, people always have a reason to record the Zoom meetings.

So, always having different methods at your disposal for recording Zoom meetings on your laptop or any other compatible device could prove pretty handy. So, make sure to learn those methods to save you a lot of tension and time in the future and understand better how to record zoom meeting on laptop.

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