How To Play PS4 On Laptop With HDMI or Without HDMI?

Playing PlayStation 4 games on a laptop is an exciting experience filling your time with enjoyment. High graphic games on a laptop are always an issue for those who don’t know how to connect their PS4 to the laptop. Usually it’s not possible to connect PS4 with the laptop screen directly due to the HDMI interface that takes only one output or input. But, don’t worry, we’ve got the solutions.

How To Play PS4 On Laptop With HDMI?

The best solution to connect PS4 to the laptop is by using a PS Vita, which will help connect your laptop with the PS4. The whole process will be done using Ps Remote Play and connecting it to your Playstation 4. The remote access of your laptop with PS4 will help you play games and watch HD videos via your desktop. 


Now you have an idea that connecting a laptop with PlayStation four is possible, but you may be wondering how to do this. Don’t worry. 

I’ve covered all possible ways to connect PS4 on the laptop with HDMI in this blog post. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step guide. 

What is HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface)?

HDMI is a unidirectional cable that is used to connect two devices with the help of transmitting signals between them. HDMI is used commonly for connecting DVD Players, PC monitors, TV, and PlayStations. 

HDMI is the most effective to connect the audio-video types of equipment. With the increasing technology, you can also connect your PS4, laptop, and personal computer together. 

What is PlayStation 4?

PlayStation or PS4 is a gaming console used to play games and watch videos with high-quality graphics. The PS4 supports HDR10 and 4K resolution videos. Sony Computer Entertainment developed PS4 in 2013.

Effective Ways To Play PS4 On A Laptop With HDMI?

Method 1: Play PS4 on a laptop using a video capture card

Connecting PS4 with a laptop is no more hassle now. Follow the step-by-step instructions below and enjoy gaming and video playing on the laptop. Here is a complete guide:

Things you need before set up:

  1. One laptop with an HDMI port
  2. One PS4 with HDMI port
  3. One video capture card
  4. Fast internet 
  5. One HDMI cable for making the connection between laptop and PS4. 

Step 1: Secure internet connection

Before playing sharing between PS4 and laptop, fix your network setting. Without the internet, you can’t play on a laptop. So make sure your PS4 is properly connected to the internet. Open the internet connection setting and check if your device is connected.

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The best practice is to have a wireless internet connection; however, if you don’t have one, then make sure you connect your laptop and PS4 with the same router for a better connection. Having the same connection will help keep the internet connection equal on both devices. 

Step 2: Install video captured software on the laptop

Take your video captured card and connect it with the laptop using the USB port. Install the video capture card software correctly in the laptop before connecting your laptop with PS4. Make sure your video capture card is of high quality so you can take a better experience while playing the game or watching videos. 

Step 3: Connect PS4 and capture card

The third step is to connect your PS4 with a capture card by using your HDMI cable. Take an S-video connection cable and connect HDMI input on the capture card and HDMI output on the PS4. 

Once you connect your capture card with the PS4, power up your PS4, at the same time, keep your laptop ON. When capture card software detects PS4, you’ll see screen sharing on the laptop. Set the resolution in full-screen mode. 

When you see PS4 screen sharing on your laptop, run software for PS4, once the software is completed, you will see your laptop connected successfully with the software. 

The connecting process is simple and easy. However, if you see any confusion, check out the guide manual that comes with the video capture card. You may find it useful for a secure connection. 

Method 2: Connect your PS4 with the laptop using Remote Play

Remote Play is used to play games by connecting your PS4 with Windows or Mac. Remote Play is a new gaming tool launched by Sony to connect your Playstation 4 with your laptop or any streaming device. The process of how to connect PS4 to laptop without HDMI remotely with your PS4 is as follows;

Things you need:

  • Laptop
  • PlaysStation4 system
  • An active account on the PlayStation network.
  • Good speed internet via router or WiFi
  • A USB cord 

Step 1: Download the Remote Play app

Go to the Sony Remote Play app website and download the latest version. It’s crucial before you start playing with Remote Play, you’ve to download its software app from the Sony website. Once downloaded, install this app and finish the setup. 

Step 2: Connect PS4 with Remote Play

The next step is to connect the PlayStation 4 with the Remote Play by going into the PlayStation 4 setting. Go to the PS4 setting and enable the remote play option. Ensure your PS4 is On or on the Rest mode before playing games through your network. 

Step 3: setup resolution and frame rate

Once you have downloaded the app on your laptop, go to the Remote play app setting and fix the gaming resolution you want. Usually, it is set on 720p, which is good enough for ordinary players; however, if you are a pro player, you should have a PS4 Pro for high resolution, like 1080p. If you have normal speed internet, then 60fps frame-rate is good enough because high frame rates consume more internet. 

Step 4: Connect Remote Play Controller

However, it is better if you have a wireless controller for a better gaming experience if you don’t have one. You can use a USB cord or DualShock 4 wireless adaptor to connect your controller with your laptop. 

Connect wireless controller with your laptop, if you’ve by following this guide:

  • Your controller has a light indication for connection hints. Once your controller connects with the laptop, it will glow. 
  • You’ll see your controller has Share and a circular PlayStation button on the front side. Hold these buttons, and the indicator light will glow. That is a sign of connection. 
  • You have a wireless USB adaptor, plugin it in the laptop securely, and your controller will be paired. 

Step 5: Connect PS4 with laptop

Once the controller is paired, you will see a start popup option on your laptop. Click on Start. It will take you to the PlayStation 4 account login page. Enter your PS4 account details, and the app will find your PS4 device. 

If you have a good connection, the Remote Play app will find your PS4. If you see any errors, they may cause a network issue or incorrect account details. 

If everything goes well, congratulations! 

Your PlayStation 4 will stream on your laptop screen. For a better gaming experience, you can connect your mic and keyboard for voice chat and typing. Using this method, you got an idea about how to play PS4 on laptop with HDMI without a capture card.

How To Connect PS4 To Laptop Without HDMI?

Here is a whole procedure in this video to connect PS4 wirelessly or without HDMI to the laptop. Follow the video step by step.

Frequently asked question:

How to play PS4 on Chromebook with HDMI?

  1. Download and install “File Manager and File Installer” from Google.
  2. Allow the “Unknown Source” installation in the security setting to install successfully.
  3. Install and finish the setup of the File Manager app.
  4. Install the Remote Play app from the Sony PlayStation website.
  5. Connect your PS4 and laptop with HDMI.
  6. Once all is done successfully, open the PS4 app on your Chromebook and connect your PS4. 
  7. Keep your Internet speed high in all the processes; otherwise, you can face issues in apps downloading. 

Things you need to play PS4 on Chromebook with HDMI are:

  • A Chromebook
  • One PS4 system
  • High-speed internet connection
  • One HDMI cable

How to connect PS4 to laptop HDMI Windows 10?

The process of how to connect PS4 to laptop HDMI windows 10 is as follows:

  1. Open your laptop with Windows 10 installed.
  2. Right-click on the Window Start button and go to settings. 
  3. Go to Bluetooth
  4. Go to DualShock 4 and then Wireless Controller 
  5. Click on the wireless controller and click on “Pair” to connect your controller with the Windows ten laptops. 

Final Thoughts:

I hope now you have got an idea to play your games on a laptop with PS4. The first method (play PS4 on a laptop using a video capture card) is a bit expensive as the video capture card comes with a hefty price range. But there is no doubt they are price-worthy and add a smooth play in your streaming. 

So, if you prefer to play like a pro, having a capture card connected can give you an amazing experience. 

Otherwise, playing with Remote Play is not too bad. If you don’t find yourself comfortable with the capture card, try the second method (Connect your PS4 with the laptop using Remote Play). 

However, I’ll suggest you don’t stick to these two methods. You can still find some best ways to play PS4 on Chromebook with HDMI. Also, if you have any other method, don’t forget to share in the comment. 

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