How To Cool Down Your Laptop While Gaming | 10 Easy Ways

When gaming on a laptop, it puts a heavy load of data on your system’s components, overheating the laptop to a dangerous level. The most crucial laptop components like CPU and GPU get exposed to a danger of throttling or non functioning.

It can also cause potential harm to the laptop’s hardware. So, to keep your laptop away from these dangers, you need to keep your laptop cooled down to an optimal temperature all the time. It will boost your laptop’s performance and make your gameplay smooth.

How To Cool Down Your Laptop While Gaming?

You can easily keep your laptop cooled down while gaming by simply putting your laptop on a flat and clean surface while gaming. You can also use cooling pads for your laptops, and clean the laptop’s fans and exhaust system regularly. This will never let your laptop overheat while gaming.

Further ahead in this article, you will get a clear idea of the most effective and easiest ways; how to cool down your laptop while gaming. So, read till the end to learn those methods.

How To Identify Overheating Of Your Laptop While Gaming?


Before taking measures to keep your laptop cooled down while gaming, you need to know whether your laptop is getting overheated or not. Because if you are unaware of the heat level of your laptop, you could take cooling measures and drop the temperature level of your laptop below 25 degrees Celsius, which is also dangerous for your laptop. So, observe these changes in the laptop to get familiar with its overheating.

Observe the speed of fans and the warmth of your laptop. If the fans rotate faster just by running a program and the heat generated by the laptop is relatively high, then your laptop is overheating.

Another sign of overheating the laptop is the reduced framerate (FPS) and lag or chop experienced while playing a game. It happens due to the throttling of CPU and GPU due to overheating.

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It would help if you often observed the power consumption of your laptop. If it is consuming a high amount of electricity, your laptop is overheating and consuming much more power to keep functioning.

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10 Methods To Keep Your Laptop Cooled Down While Gaming

Now, when you are sure about the overheating of your laptop, you should take the necessary measures to keep it cooled down while gaming to keep your laptop away from danger. So, for that, we present to you ten different methods through which you can keep your laptop cooled down while gaming;

1. Using a laptop on a flat and clean surface:

It would be best always to keep your laptop on a flat and clean surface while gaming. Keeping your laptop on a flat surface keeps its heat exhaust system fully functional without any hindrance. Moreover, keeping it on a clean surface lessens the amount of dust and dirt entering the laptop, keeping it from overheating.

2. Get a cooling pad:

Another excellent method is to get a cooling pad for your laptop. When gaming on your laptop, put the cooling pad underneath it and turn it on. It will work as a heat sink for your laptop and keep its performance top-notch.

3. Inspecting laptop’s heat exhaust fans:

Always check your laptop’s fans every week. If they are somehow damaged or are covered in dust, they will cease to work at their full potential in getting the heat out of the laptop. You can check for damage by rotating them; if they are difficult to rotate, it means they are damaged. Dirty or malfunctioning fans will eventually hinder your laptop’s performance while gaming.

4. Cleaning the exhaust system:

You should always open your laptop’s exhaust system and clean it thoroughly every month. Keeping it clean will keep the dirt out of the laptop that will keep it from getting stuck on its components and causing them to overheat.

5. Changing the thermal paste:

Thermal paste is a thick fluid applied on significant components of the laptop and its exhaust system that minimizes the heat production in the laptop. But, it has a specific time of functioning. After a couple of months, it needs to be replaced. You can use the laptop without it, but it will expose the laptop to the risk of overheating.

6. Keeping the hardware up-to-date:

Laptop manufacturers are constantly releasing new hardware products that are much more reliable and more advanced versions of previous hardware. Therefore, keeping your hardware always anew will also grant you the perk of less heat production than other ones. Moreover, it will help keep the laptop cool while gaming.

7. Run only one program at a time:

Most of the heat generated in a laptop is due to multiple programs being run in the background even when they are not being used. So, you should permanently close the programs running in the background and use one program at a time. However, if you have the best cooling pad for a gaming laptop then it will help you better to run multiple programs. 

8. Run games on low graphics:

When you are playing games on a laptop, you should always run them on low graphics settings because a high load on the laptop’s GPU will produce an immense amount of heat in the laptop. So, watch out for that.

9. Undervolting:

In this method, the voltage applied to the laptop’s processor is reduced to lessen the amount of heat produced. But, this method often causes your laptop to crash and freeze. So, only apply this method when everything else fails.

10. Play games in a fantastic atmosphere:

When you play games on your laptop in a hot environment, it often increases your laptop’s temperature, causing it to overheat. But, if you are gaming on your laptop in a more excellent environment, it will not put a different temperature on your laptop. Moreover, you can use a gaming laptop cooling pad for better gaming. 

Frequently Asked QuestionsL

How to cool down a laptop with ice?

You can cool down your laptop by putting ice underneath your elevated laptop, just like a cooling pad. But, the ice undergoes condensation causing it to evaporate. In addition, the fans of the laptop’s exhaust system will blow wet air into the laptop causing short circuits and will deal potential harm to your laptop. So, watch out for that.

How to cool down a laptop without a cooling pad?

You can quickly cool down your laptop without a laptop cooling pad by regularly cleaning its exhaust system, keeping it on a flat and clean surface, preventing dust from entering the laptop, keeping the laptop out of a hot environment, etc. These methods will free you of a cooling pad. So, keep that in mind.


Having the best laptop cooling pad can make it very easy for you to play games anywhere you want. But, its overheating problem is very frustrating. That is why it is crucial to keep it cooled down. 

If, even after taking the necessary measures, your laptop is still overheated, it means that your laptop’s hardware is one way or another damaged or faulty. So, it would be best if you always consider contacting a laptop expert. They can help you better understand how to keep laptop cool while gaming. So, go now, cool your laptop down and start playing games available to you without worrying about overheating.

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