Chromebook VS Laptop For College | Which One Is Better?

Chromebook VS laptop for college? Let’s find out and at the end i would love to give my honest feedback at the end of this discussion.

Technology has made most of man’s work more accessible in this modern world. Almost everything has been made digital. Even for students, most of their work is now done through computers.

Now, when they get into the higher studies of the college or university, they need to choose a computing device that has the best performance for their studies and is cheap. For that, most of them get confused about choosing between a Chromebook and a laptop. If you are a student, you must be clinging to the same question yourself.

Generally, Chromebook is an advanced laptop mostly suited for professional work, while a laptop can handle almost all kinds of things. Laptops have a simple Windows or a Linux-based operating system. On the contrary, Chromebooks have an operating system developed by Google chrome for professional work.

In terms of overall performance, the laptop probably surpasses the Chromebook. Still, if we talk about specific things like browsing and watching movies, taking notes, quick response, etc., then a laptop is no match for the Chromebook.

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Further ahead in this article, you will get clear thoughts about the pros and cons of both laptops and Chromebooks. So, it will enable you to choose wisely between a laptop and a Chromebook. So, read till the end to get a more comprehensive picture.

Chromebook VS Laptop For College | A Detailed Comparison

Chromebook Vs Laptop Pros and Cons



Chromebook is not famous just because it is a product of Google Chrome, and it offers a surprising performance in the professional work field to users. The users of Chromebooks are often students and businessmen. Laptop also has some advantages, but those are not capable of handling professional work. The pros include;


In terms of performance, Chromebook is the perfect one for students because of its Google-based operating system that helps in professional work. The performance of laptops is also good, but they can do general work. This good performance results from high-end hardware and software components in a Chromebook.


If we talk about storage capacity, then a laptop can store much greater sized things, but a Chromebook has enough storage to store your important files like lectures, notes, books, etc. that are optimal for students. So, for students, a Chromebook can prove excellent and optimal.

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The security level of a Chromebook is unrivaled. This feature makes your laptop immune to cyber attacks. In addition, the security software of a Chromebook is constantly updated to make your Chromebook even more secure. On the other hand, laptops are not secure and often fall prey to hacking attacks.


The price range of a Chromebook for students is between $300-$500. This price is very reasonable for such a good-performing computing device. On the contrary, laptops often cost way more than this if they are meant for educational purposes.


In Chromeooks, you do not need to repair it often or maintain it. This is because the structure and build of a Chromebook are already perfectly made that it shows no signs of issues, while laptops often require manual repairing and maintenance.


A Chromebook has a very high-power battery. If it is used as a backup battery when the electricity is not available, it can easily cross a long period of 12 hours with total device usage. On the contrary, a laptop can only achieve a 5-10 hours battery life.


All the things have disadvantages besides their advantages. The same goes for Chromebooks and laptops too. Their disadvantages include;

Compatibility with other devices:

The Chromebook is not compatible with other electronic devices like mobile phones. This is a security measure taken by the Chromebook. On the other hand, laptops are ordinarily compatible with other devices.

No printing:

You can not print anything composed or downloaded inside the Chromebook itself in a Chromebook. However, laptops can print such things, and they rarely show issues.


Both the Chromebook and laptop do not live up to expectations for their durability. They are fragile things, and a simple carelessness could make you lose your Chromebook or laptop. So, handle them with care.

Graphics designing:

For students, sometimes making presentations for the class requires graphics designing. Unfortunately, Chromebook is not equipped with such features, and you can do these things even with third-party software. On the contrary, only high-end laptops can handle graphics designing.

Office usage:

In offices, you can not use a laptop or a Chromebook often. This is because most office work is done with high-end professional desktop computers that are much more capable of handling professional work than a Chromebook or a laptop. But, you can use them for emergency times.

Lack of optical drive:

Nowadays, the new technology has diminished the value of optical drives to almost nil. So if you are a Chromebook or a new laptop user and you need to run an optical drive like CD or DVD, etc., you will not be able to do it with the new computers because of the concept of USBs and cloud storage.

Chromebook Vs Windows | A Comparison


Chromebook is an advanced laptop that performs on a Google-based operating system that mainly combines a mobile phone and a computer. On the other hand, windows is an operating system developed by Microsoft and is working as the operating system of almost all computers.

In terms of performance, Chromebook is better than a windows computer. This is because the quick response and processing speed of a Chromebook is much faster than that of a windows computer.

If we compare the security of a Chromebook and a Windows laptop, then a Chromebook is more secure than a windows computer. This is because in a Chromebook, security updates constantly become available, while in windows, computer updates do not show up often, and you have to install them manually.

So, considering these points, Chromebook seems to be much better than a windows computer. But, there are several places where a windows computer turns out to be better than a Chromebook. But, overall, a Chromebook is better.

Chromebook Vs Windows laptop for students

For students, the overall performance, storage capacity, battery timing, operating system, etc., matter the most because most of their profession is based on such features.

In comparing the performance of a Chromebook and a Windows laptop, Chromebook is better because its operating system is built to handle professional work. It is one of the best and optimal devices for students for studies. While in a class, you will have to take notes at a fast speed. So, Windows laptops can not keep up with your speed. That is why Chromebook is better.

If we talk about the storage capacity, a Chromebook has enough storage for students to store lectures, notes, and other study materials. The minimum range of a Chromebook’s storage is 512Gb to 1TB, which is more than enough for students.

Now, for the battery timing of a Chromebook and a windows laptop. The typical timing of a windows laptop is hardly 5-10 hours that is pretty low. But on the other hand, a Chromebook can easily last for about 12 hours with total usage. So, for students, a Chromebook would be better to choose from because of its features meant to be used by students and professionals.

Chromebook Vs Laptop for school


An electronic computing device is mainly required by students of higher or middle studies and is unnecessary for students lower than those classes. But, in the current situation of pandemics, people have been restricted to their homes. So, for that, every student now requires such a device.

For that, if you are in a lower grade than middle school, then any in-budget laptop or Chromebook could prove to be best for you. Most of your study work, like taking online lectures, etc., can be done by using them, and you do not need a professional class high-end device for your studies. So, you can choose any one of the Chromebooks or laptops as long as it fulfills your needs.

Chromebook Vs Laptop for Middle school

When a student gets into middle school and steps into higher studies, doing work by hand could prove very difficult and ineffective for them. So, for that, they need a study-compatible laptop or Chromebook because these are the most portable devices available for studies.

Now, to choose the better one between them. The first thing you should see is the laptop and Chromebook’s price. For Chromebooks, its price is low compared to laptops, and it shows much better performance than a laptop. So, you should probably go for the Chromebook.

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After that, you should see the significant work you want to do with the device. In a Chromebook, its operating system is designed to handle professional work. You can browse for research all over the internet using a Chromebook fast and efficiently compared to a laptop, which makes a student’s work very easy. So, Chromebook is better than a laptop for Middle school.

Which is Better A Chromebook or a Laptop?

Today, both the Chromebook and laptops are becoming popular among students and youngsters because of their performance and portability. However, mostly a Chromebook is preferred over a laptop because of its better performance and professional usage.

Chromebooks are better than laptops because of their cheap prices and out-of-the-box performance. Moreover, they are much lighter and more portable than laptops. In addition, they do not have the problem of overheating or system throttling. Their one major downfall is the less storage as compared to laptops. Otherwise, they are the best devices.

Laptops only cover the user in terms of storage and screen. Otherwise, they can not surpass a Chromebook. Furthermore, if you want to make a laptop on a par with a Chromebook, you will have to invest a lot of money on its hardware and software that is primarily unaffordable. So, Chromebook is always a better choice than a laptop.

Can a Chromebook replace a laptop?

Chromebook was initially developed as an alternative to laptops and Macbooks that are more user-friendly and cheaper than laptops. Moreover, they provide performance equal to or better than a laptop. Although laptops have their usages and Chromebooks also have their jobs. But, if your laptop is somehow lacking in the field of professional work, then Chromebooks have got your backs, and you can certainly replace your laptops with a Chromebook.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Chromebook good for?

Chromebooks are an evolved form of laptops that make your work faster and easier. They are developed for professional usage where speed and user-friendly work is all that matters. It is also perfect for students because of its professional features. So, if you are a professional personality or a student, then Chromebook could prove to be the best choice for you.

Which is better for students A Chromebook or a laptop?

The Chromebook is a performance and speed-based high-end advanced laptop form meant for professional usage. But, on the other hand, a laptop is a computer made for general purposes like internet browsing, etc. So, if you are a student, then a Chromebook would be best for you.

Is a Chromebook good for college students?

Yes, a Chromebook is perfect and useful for college students. Its performance, battery life, and storage capacity are the optimal choices for a college student. They can get all of their study-related work done with a Chromebook with ease.


In conclusion, (Chromebook VS Laptop For College) Chromebooks are the best option for students looking for a computer with speedy and high performance at a low price. However, laptops are not as good in performance for students and are also expensive compared to Chromebooks.

But, some people feel comfortable using a laptop instead of a Chromebook. So, it is entirely up to you whether you use a Chromebook or a laptop, but make sure to get one with specifications suitable for you.

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