Can You Use Laptop As A Monitor For Switch? Here’s Answer

A Switch is a gaming device developed by “Nintendo.” It was first developed and introduced in the market in the year 2017. It can either be used as a gaming console or a portable device. It resembles PSP in various ways, but it is a much more advanced and demanded portable gaming device in the market. People often get curious about experiencing its gameplay on a big screen. For that, connecting it to your laptop’s screen won’t be the wrong way.

Can You Use Laptop As A Monitor For Switch?

Yes, you can easily use your laptop as a monitor for the Switch. For that, you will need an HDMI cable and a Video capture card. After that, connect them to the HDMI ports on your laptop and Video capture card.

Further ahead in this article, you will learn about the methods to use a laptop’s screen as a monitor for your Nintendo Switch. So, stick till the end to get familiar with the steps.


Three Ways to use a laptop as a monitor for Switch

The easiest and most effective ways of using a laptop as a monitor for Nintendo Switch are listed here;

Using HDMI Cable:

Using an HDMI cable is one of the most common and easiest methods to connect your Switch’s display to the laptop’s screen. HDMI is a simple cable that relays one compatible the audio and video signals to one device to another.

For this, take a two-way HDMI cable. After that, connect its input end to the laptop’s HDMI port and connect its output end to the Switch’s HDMI port. In this way, you will form a display and audio connection between your laptop and Switch.

Using a video capture card (VCC):

The second-best method is to use a video capture card for your Nintendo Switch. For this, you will need a Switch compatible Video capture card and two HDMI cables, one for the laptop and the other for the Switch.

Connect one HDMI cable with the laptop and capture card and connect the other to the Switch. After that, turn on the capture card and start playing.

Using a Nintendo dock:

Another way would be to use a Nintendo-developed dock made especially for connecting Nintendo Switch to a laptop or any other display option. Nintendo dock utilizes the features of VCC and USB cables to form a display link between the Switch and your laptop.

Here, two USB cables are used to connect the Switch and laptop. There are USB ports available in the dock in which USB cables are inserted. There is also space for the video capture card. That is how the Switch and laptop are connected for display.

These are the only methods of connecting your Switch’s display to the laptop’s screen. You can easily play your desired Switch games on your laptop’s display screen following the steps mentioned above.

How to play Switch games on your laptop

If you are incredibly desperate to play Switch on your laptop and for some reason you can not use any of the methods above, don’t worry at all. There are several other ways to play Switch games on your laptop without connecting it directly to Switch. Two effortless and effective ways in them are;

Playing computer versions of games:

The first and easiest way is to download the PC versions of Switch games on your laptop to play them. You can easily download the games on their official sites or from various sites all over the internet. 

Using third-party applications to play the games:

Another method is to use third-party applications like Yuzu and RyujiNX to play your desired Switch games on your laptop. Using this method, you can even play the Switch games whose PC versions are unavailable. Although the controls will be complicated, you will easily play the games.

These methods have proven to be best for how to connect Switch to PC, until now to play Switch games on a laptop without using the Switch itself. So, using these methods would be a cup of tea for people who can not afford to use external methods that involve the Switch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect Nintendo Switch to a laptop with HDMI?

To effectively connect your Nintendo Switch to a laptop with HDMI, you will need a two-way HDMI cable and a Nintendo dock. After acquiring these items, connect the HDMI cable’s input end to the laptop’s HDMI port. The other end will go into the HDMI port of the Nintendo dock. 

After that, connect your Nintendo Switch to the Nintendo dock via HDMI or USB cable. Following these steps carefully, you will be able to connect your Nintendo Switch and laptop via HDMI.

How to connect Nintendo Switch lite to a laptop?

In the back of the Nintendo Switch lite, you will find a space covered by a lid. When you open it, you will find some USB and HDMI ports. Use USB type C cables to connect Nintendo Switch lite to the Nintendo dock and then connect the dock, the Switch, and the laptop through HDMI two-way cables. It will not be effective if either of the devices is not connected to the dock. So, keep those details in mind while connecting Nintendo Switch lite and laptop.

How to connect Nintendo Switch to Windows 10?

You can connect your Nintendo Switch to Windows 10 by using Game Capture HD, which works directly with the Video capture card. After installing the program, connect your Video capture card to your windows laptop and open Game Capture HD. On the program, you will see the Nintendo Switch home interface icon on the screen. Click on that to start playing your favorite Switch games on Windows 10.

How to use a laptop as a monitor for Switch without a capture card?

You can use a laptop as a monitor for a Nintendo Switch without using a capture card. For that, you can use either a simple method of using HDMI cables or using USB cables connecting them to the Nintendo dock. In these methods, you will need either a two-way HDMI cable or connect switch to laptop via usb-c. 

After getting these things, connect the Switch and laptop via these cables through a Nintendo dock, and connect nintendo switch to pc usb. Make sure to put either of these cables in the input port of the laptop, and you are good to go.


In conclusion of; can you use laptop as a monitor for Switch; if we observe the specifications and features of both a laptop and a Nintendo Switch, they can perform amazingly well if they are used collectively at the same time. This is because people worldwide thrive on new and unique things. The same goes for the Nintendo Switch users. So, when they collectively use a laptop and Nintendo Switch, they will be blown away.

These methods can also be helpful to you when you want to play Switch games on a big screen, but a Television or any other display methods are not available. At times like that, these methods come in very handy. So, go now and start playing by connecting your Switch.

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