Can You Run Minecraft Without Graphics Card?

Up until recently, Minecraft has gained extraordinary popularity among gamers and is still climbing the charts. But, some gamers own a computer and do not have a dedicated graphics card for it. Because of that, they get worried that they will not play Minecraft on their computer. 

But, do not worry at all. You can play Minecraft without a graphics card on your computer. Indeed, a graphics card skyrockets the game’s performance, but it does not matter if you want to play the game.

Can You Run Minecraft Without Graphics Card?

Yes, you can run Minecraft without a graphics card on your computer. You have to make sure that the CPU and GPU of your computer are compatible with a software called “OpenGL.” You can run the game even without a dedicated graphics card efficiently with this method.

Further ahead in this article, you will get familiar with a clear idea of running Minecraft on a computer without graphics quickly and effectively. So, read till the end to get a bigger picture about how to play Minecraft RTX without graphics card.

Compatibility check for “OpenGL.”

Mojang’s Minecraft can run smoothly only with the OpenGL software. Otherwise, it could also cause computers with high capabilities to lag while running. Sometimes, it could even drop your game’s frame rate to a very frustrating and shallow level.

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So, to avoid that, it becomes a must for you to install OpenGL. Now, for that, you must first check for the compatibility of “OpenGL” with your computer. To check for compatibility, follow these steps;

Download and Install OpenGL Extension viewer:

You can download and install “OpenGL Extension viewer” from different online websites, but the safest and recommended would be its official site, “” Moreover, you can do minecraft download for pc without graphics card.

Run the downloaded “.exe” file:

Now, open the downloaded file of “OpenGL Extension viewer” and go to the summary. After that, check for your OpenGL version. Keep in mind that you need a minimum version 4.4 of OpenGL to run Minecraft smoothly. Otherwise, it could be very choppy and lagging.

Which version of Minecraft to choose?

Minecraft has two major versions, one is the Java edition, and the other one is the Bedrock edition. After making all the preparations for playing Minecraft, you must be having difficulty choosing between these two versions. Further ahead, the significant things that keep Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock edition are listed and elaborated;

Frequent updates and their access:

If we talk about the updates and early access, Minecraft Bedrock crosses over the Java edition. Therefore, its updates are made more frequently, and you can have early access to them. Although accessing the updates is standard for both Java and Bedrock editions, the updates of Java are much more unstable and can corrupt your Minecraft world. On the other hand, the updates of Bedrock are not as dangerous as Java’s updates.

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Realms and Realms plus:

Minecraft realms are a unique world different from the default one. It is a server or a globe with your hosting, and you have control over it. In Java edition, it is called “Realms,” while in the Bedrock edition, it is called “Realms plus.” Realms plus have an additional perk of its marketplace and skins shops in which hundreds of items are added every month.

Graphics requirements;

For the most critical part, the graphics requirements of the Minecraft Bedrock edition are much lower than the Java edition. The Java edition of Minecraft demands built-in graphics of 2GB. In contrast, the Bedrock edition only requires 1GB of pictures which makes the Bedrock edition of Minecraft readily available to the majority of gamers. This feature raises the Bedrock edition above the Java edition.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I run Minecraft with Intel HD graphics?

Yes, you can run Minecraft with Intel HD graphics. The only conditions to run it smoothly are for the graphics to be at least 2GB and its CPU and GPU to be compatible with OpenGL software version 4.4. If these conditions are not met, you could face some significant issues like lagging and crashing in the game while it is running. So, keep that in mind.

Can Minecraft run on Windows 7?

Yes, you can run Minecraft on Windows 7. You need to buy Minecraft from its official website. As long as it satisfies the conditions of 4GB RAM, CPU, and GPU compatibility with OpenGL, it can efficiently run on windows seven the same as the other windows. So, there is no problem with running it on Windows 7.

Can I run Minecraft on the Core 2 duo?

Yes, you can undoubtedly run Minecraft on a core two duo computer. But, the only exception is that it can only be played at low graphics and system settings. It is due to the own limitations of a core two duo computer. For example, it can not support high-capacity RAMs, and it can only run HDDs which can be a real hassle. So, that is why running Minecraft on low-end settings is recommended.

How to play Minecraft 1.18 without a graphics card?

You can play Minecraft 1.18 on your computer without a graphics card by installing version 4.4 of OpenGL software on it. It will render the game running smoothly even without a graphics card. But, as soon as the OpenGL software gets removed from your computer, Minecraft will stop working. Similarly, you may think; how to play Minecraft 1.17 without graphics card? Don’t worry process is simple just like 1.18 version. 

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In conclusion, can you run Minecraft without graphics card; you can run Minecraft on your computer very efficiently without a dedicated graphics card and with no worry of game lag or chop. You need an OpenGL software-compatible computer. Now, for the version choice of Minecraft, it is entirely up to you. I hope now you have got an idea how to play Minecraft without graphics card tlauncher. 

But, if we see the ratings and comparison between Java and Bedrock edition of Minecraft, then Bedrock is the most supported one because of its content and low system requirements. So, go now and spend your leisure time playing Minecraft and building things in it.

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