Can I Upgrade My Laptop Processor From i5 To i7?

Upgrading your laptop processor from i5 to i7 is a wise decision because the Core i7 processor is typically faster and better for demanding workloads.

Due to the six cores and 12 threads in the Core i7 processor, you can perform multitasking, high graphic gaming, and media-editing tasks on your laptop. But the real problem is to upgrade the processor and how much does it cost to upgrade from i5 to i7?

Can I Upgrade My Laptop Processor From i5 to i7?

In short, yes, it is possible to upgrade the laptop processor from i5 to i7 if your laptop has the required hardware and BIOS support. Before the upgrade, you’ve to understand the CPU surface type, need a new motherboard, and other factors compatible with the Core i7 processor.


Further, in this blog post, I’ve discussed all the possible methods with a step-by-step guide that’ll help you upgrade your laptop processor from i5 to i7. Similarly, if you think; can i upgrade my laptop processor from i3 to i5; the process will be the same.

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Understand the CPU Surface Mounting Method

Usually, there are three joint surfaces where the CPU is mounted. However, your CPU has only one surface type from these three kinds. So, check out the CPU-mounted surface. 

Pin Grid Array (PGA):

PGA is a removable mount type where the die faces downwards on the CPU. Usually, the AMD desktop CPU uses a PGA mounting system. This is because PGA mounting surface works well for the cooling mechanism of the CPU. 

Land Grid Array (LGA):

LGA mounting types are integrated with the pins on the socket for easy to distinguish. Usually, the Intel Desktop CPUs are manufactured with the LGA mounting surface. 

Ball Grid Array (BGA):

BGA is the most common type of surface-mount packaging attached to the surface, and you can’t remove it. 

CPU Sockets and Processor upgrade:

In BGA, the surface-mount laptop processor is connected with the motherboard that needs the high skill of manufacturing. However, the laptop processors with the LGA and PGA surface-mount can be changed from i5 to i7. 

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Having sufficient knowledge about laptop repairing, a person can upgrade the CPU socket from the BGA surface-mount i5 processor to the BGA-based i7 processor. In contrast, upgrading the CPU processor is not an issue if your system has LGA and PGA-based surface mount. Now, if you have an i3 processor and you have a question in mind can I upgrade my laptop processor from i3 to i7. So yes, you can follow the same steps. 

Check CPU and Motherboard compatibility:

The first thing you should do is to check the compatibility of the processor and the motherboard. There is a socket for the processor on the motherboard, and you can see whether you can replace the processor on that motherboard or not.

Applications like “CPU-Z” can also be used to check compatibility. You have to download it from an internet browser and install it. You can also check for this feature with the help of the PC properties. Otherwise, you could search on the internet by entering your motherboard model and general information to check compatibility with the processor.

To make the performance of your laptop much sharper and more enjoyable, you can also upgrade the RAM and GPU of your laptop to make a great combination with the processor.

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Locate a compatible processor to upgrade:

Once you are done checking the compatibility of your motherboard with the processor, you should find a processor compatible with to upgrade. If we compare i5 and i7 processors, they are mainly their families developed by intel. Therefore, they are developed after a certain period in generations.

In the newer versions of both i5 and i7, the processors of family i7 are far more capable of doing better things and are much more demanding. But, in the older versions, some core i5 processors are better than i7 processors.

Core i7 is mainly better than core i5 because of its much better performance and turbo boost frequency. An additional factor that makes intel core i7 far better than core i5 is the more significant number of cores present in intel core i7 than i5.

Removing the processor:

Once you are equipped with your preferred upgraded intel core i7 processor, you have to follow these steps to fix it effectively and safely;

  • For safety, connect the anti-static strip to the ground and yourself.
  • Remove the exhaust system from the CPU and disconnect the connected cables.
  • Unscrew the cooler from the CPU and wipe it with a lint-free substance.
  • To remove the old processor, unlock the levers and lift the processor out by the corners.
  • Now, place the new processor with the arrow on its bottom firmly. Then, lock it with the levers.
  • After that, apply a layer of thermal paste to the processor to keep it from overheating.
  • Do not let the thermal paste spread on the other components.
  • Place the cooler on the processor and screw it. Also, apply a layer of thermal paste to it.
  • For the last step, connect all the wires in the correct order.

The new core i7 processor will also give you extra perks of more battery life, less heat production, and less power consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I upgrade my laptop processor from Pentium to i5?

You can only change the laptop processor from Pentium to core i5 if you change your laptop’s motherboard. This is because the socket and the system of Pentium are not compatible with core i5. So, consider that before making any decisions.

Can I upgrade my laptop processor from i5 to i9?

You can upgrade your laptop processor from i5 to i9, but you will have to modify the motherboard if it is not TDP locked because the core i9 will not function properly with a TDP unlocked motherboard.

Can I upgrade my laptop processor from dual-core to i5?

No, you can not upgrade your laptop processor from dual-core to i5. You can only upgrade it to a faster version of the dual-core processor. It is because the motherboard and internal circuits of the dual-core are not compatible with the Core i5 processor.

Can I upgrade my laptop processor from i7 to i9?

Yes, you can easily upgrade your laptop CPU from core i7 to i9. First, you need to get your motherboard TDP locked if unlocked. Then, you can replace your core i7 with a Core i9 processor.


In conclusion of; can I upgrade my laptop processor from i5 To i7? Intel has different families of processors according to their capabilities. Core i5 and Core i7 are one of them. So, if you want to upgrade your laptop from i5 to i7, it can be done quickly if your motherboard meets the requirements.

Usually, people has low budget and can’t afford i7, so if talk about; can I upgrade my Hp laptop processor from i3 to i5? This won’t be a wrong decision. If you have an i3 processor moving on to the i5 can be good decision rather than moving on i7 processor. 

However, upgrading it to Core i7 will undoubtedly make the performance and worth of your laptop much higher. So, go now and upgrade your laptop’s processor to Intel Core i7.

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