Are Touch Screen Laptops Worth It? A Detailed Overview

To begin with, touch screen laptops refer to the laptops having the features of a standard laptop, but the only difference is an additional feature of a touch sensing screen. These laptops have keyboards either attached with hinges or detachable. It takes the versatility of the laptop to another level. The first-ever touch screen computer was developed in the year 1983.

Are Touch Screen Laptops Worth It?

In short, yes. Touch screen laptops have excellent colour tone, brightness, and colour vibrance. They are glossier than other laptops and provide a higher resolution. They also make the work a lot quicker for the users.

In this article, you will get detailed knowledge about touch screen laptops. You’ll get familiar with their build, types, advantages, and disadvantages. Moreover, you will be able to choose between a non-touchscreen and a touch screen laptop for its better performance and use.

What are touch screen laptops?


Just like the name suggests, touch screen laptops are laptops with the feature of a touch-sensitive screen. They combine smartphones and standard laptops, making them an evolved laptop form.

All the features of a standard laptop are included in it. The additional touch screen feature is added to make the computing and work of its users rapid and more straightforward. 

However, some people prefer standard laptops over touch screen ones because they claim they are more effective and faster. Well, that suggestion varies from person to person due to their mindset.

What are the common types of touch screen laptops?

The most common types of touch screen laptops in the world include:

Resistive touch screen laptops:

Resistive touch screen laptops are the laptops that transmit the touch signals due to the contact between the two metal layers fixed. Whenever the user touches the screen, the metal layers touch each other and complete the flow of electrons.

They have various advantages like cheap cost, low electricity consumption, resistance to fluids, etc.

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Surface capacitive laptops:

Surface capacitive laptops are touch-sensitive laptops with a layer of electrodes on their screen’s surface protected by a cover. Whenever a body carrying a charge touches it, the electrode charges transfer to that body. Four sensors are on each edge of the screen since this transfer and evaluate the touchpoint.

Its advantages include; image clarity, resistance to fluids, resistivity to scratches, etc.

Projected capacitive laptops:

Projected capacitive laptops are touch screen laptops that are advanced versions of surface capacitive laptops. In addition to the electrodes layer, they are also equipped with an IC chip to sense touches at multiple places. It creates a three-dimensional electric field around the finger as soon as it comes into contact with the screen.

It is popular because of its advantages, such as exceptional image quality, multi-touch system, and much more resistance to scratches.

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) laptops: 

SAW laptops are touch screen laptops that use piezoelectric sensors and receivers which produce an ultrasonic wave on the surface. Whenever a finger comes into contact with the wave, it distorts it. The receivers sense the distortion and send the signals to the OS to calculate the touch.

Its advantages are high visibility, high touch-life, higher resistance to scratches, etc.

Infrared touch screen laptops:

These are the type of touch screen laptops that utilize Infrared rays emitters to create an IR rays field on the screen’s surface. Whenever a finger touches the screen, receivers sense a disturbance in the field. After sensing the disturbance, they send the signals to the controller that uses a coordinates plane to pinpoint the touch location.

They are advantageous because they are impervious to scratches, have infinite life, offer extraordinary image quality, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of a touch screen laptop


Indeed, standard laptops have been evolved into touch screen laptops to prove somewhat advantageous to people. The most prominent advantages of a touch screen laptop include;

User-friendly navigation:

Touch screen laptops have a more straightforward and user-friendly interface and navigation system. A person can easily browse their laptop with ease of a touch.

Quick operation:

People want to do their work swiftly and more efficiently in the current era. Touch screen laptops comfort them in this matter. They can efficiently perform their work quickly and effectively with a touchscreen laptop.

High graphics:

Touch screen laptops offer very high graphics and visibility. A person can not find such bliss in any other standard laptop.


Along with advantages, everything has some downfalls too. The disadvantages of touchscreen laptops are listed below;


The first thing people are concerned about is the cost of touch screen laptops. Although touchscreen laptops offer significant advantages, they are way too costly.

Heavier weight:

The second disadvantage of touchscreen laptops is their heavy weight. Due to this, it becomes tough to take them from place to place, and it becomes annoying.

Bad battery life:

Touchscreen laptops have a much poorer battery as compared to other laptops. The additional feature of the touchscreen also consumes the battery, constantly diminishing its life.

The above mentioned are the most prominent and tempting advantages and disadvantages of a touchscreen laptop. They certainly play a vital role in choosing a person between touchscreen laptops and standard laptops.

Touchscreen laptop Vs. Non-touchscreen laptop

If we compare touchscreen laptops with non-touchscreen laptops, various factors keep them apart. By reading the article further, a person will be able to distinguish between touchscreen and non-touchscreen laptops and will be able to choose more wisely.

TouchScreen laptops

Touchscreen laptops are a masterpiece in the technological field for humanity. They teleport a person to the wonders of vast technology. Their advantages like easy navigation, high graphics, quick response, etc., absolutely take them to the heights. But, they have their disadvantages too. They have a high battery consumption and various internal touch issues, and if they get broken, it is tough to find a replacement. 

Non-TouchScreen laptops 

On the contrary, standard laptops can not afford the luxuries of a touchscreen laptop, but they don’t disappoint the users in these things. They can also sometimes get on a par with a touchscreen laptop with only a touchscreen lacking. Otherwise, they can prove to be very useful.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The most frequently asked questions by people about touchscreen laptops around the globe including;

Is a touchscreen laptop good for programming?

Touchscreen laptops are not necessarily good for programming. They can only prove excellent and valuable if their additional features are used as a second source of input while programming. Otherwise, they could prove to be a hindrance.

Do touchscreen laptops break easily?

Yes, touchscreen laptops can break easily. They are incredibly fragile, and for some models, even a little pressure could damage them. So, it would be best if you took extra care of your touchscreen laptops.

Is a touchscreen laptop good for students?

Yes, touchscreen laptops can prove to be highly useful for students. This is because their quickness is extremely valuable for students. They can use it more effectively with a stylus.

Are touchscreen laptops more expensive?

Yes, touchscreen laptops are much more expensive than standard laptops. They are costly because of their additional features. So, it would be best if you always observed what you were looking for.


In conclusion, both touchscreen and non-touchscreen laptops have their advantages and disadvantages. People who ask for are touch screen laptops worth it; and work with a standard laptop should certainly try for a touchscreen laptop because it would can be helpful in smart work. It would help if you always made a clear picture in your head before making any decision. So, choose wisely!

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