Are Gaming Laptops Good For Video Editing? 2022 Brief Guide

In 2022, the most demanding tasks are graphical activities like video editing and photo editing. And to do that, we need either a PC with a good graphics processing unit or a good laptop that must have a high-end GPU. But when we talk about laptops, especially gaming laptops, then questions arise: Are gaming laptops good for video editing?

And I guess that’s why you’re here to find the answer… So let’s find out the answer. 

Are gaming laptops good for video editing?

The short answer to this most asked question is a big “Yes”. You know why, gaming laptops have all high-end components like a better GPU, a high-end processor with a decent amount of RAM memory, and a lot of other specs that make a gaming laptop a good video editing machine.

Which one consumes more resources? Gaming and video editing!

Whether you play games on a gaming laptop or custom built gaming PC, you’ll need a lot of GPU power. The graphic card helps the most in playing videos. It helps to enhance your gaming experience by providing better frame rates and remarkable visuals. However, if your computer doesn’t have a decent graphic card, you might be facing legs, poor visuals and game textures, and ultimately, which might be a poor gaming experience.

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In other words, gaming also requires a lot of gaming processing power, enough RAM memory and fast storage like SSD storage. And nowadays, gaming laptops come with all these high end specs, and they are specially made for gaming purposes.

On the other hand, video editing doesn’t require much graphics processing. But it might be helpful for you while editing high-resolution videos with extreme level visuals and adding effects on video editing software. Furthermore, graphics memory helps you to render the videos very fast. Similarly, if you’ve got a budget video card, there are huge chances that your video editing experience will be poor.

This is because all graphical activities are connected directly to the GPU. In addition, the more VRAM you have, the faster rendering speed you have. However, other components help you to improve your video editing experience, like processor, fast read and write storage, and SSD is a good example of it. 

Other demands like streaming videos after editing on gaming laptops:

Well, there are huge chances that you’re editing videos to live stream on your YouTube gaming channel. And I think all gamers do that; sometimes we also edit videos which are the best moments of our life. So, in that case, a gaming laptop is something that can be a companion for you. As such, gaming laptops are best for video editing, they are also perfect machines for live streaming and broadcasting.

But the streaming gameplay isn’t something that can be done easily on a laptop, and when you’re streaming 1080p gameplay, it can be hard and might be impossible on a laptop. Only if you don’t have a laptop with high end specs, there must be a powerful CPU like AMD 5000 series or intel i7. The more powerful processor the more reliable performance you get. And similarly, you need a graphics card something like, a GTX 1660 with 6GB VRAM and RTX 2060.

The difference between a gaming laptop and gaming PC:

Both are perfect in their line, and it really depends on your usage. In comparison, gaming computers are more powerful than gaming laptops. This is why you build a custom PC with handpicked hardware. It also depends on your budget, if you are thinking of building a custom PC for video editing, like editing 4k videos. I suggest you get a motherboard that supports DDR4 RAM memory, i7 10th gen CPU or RTX 2060 graphics card.

However, you can also get gaming laptops for 4k video editing with these specs. But in my experience there will be performance differences between that custom built PC and gaming laptops.

[su_note]In my opinion, I still stand with gaming laptops for video editing because gaming laptops are easy to move from your desk to your backpack. I know they are bulky compared to traditional laptops, but at least portable compared to gaming PCs. [/su_note]

If you are a vlogger and might need to edit your vlogs, a gaming laptop can be your journey companion. Obviously, you’ll need to edit videos if you run a YouTube channel. So in this scenario, gaming laptops are good for editing videos.

How to choose a gaming laptop for video editing:

When it comes to choosing the best gaming laptop for video editing, you need to consider specs like resolution, refresh rate, colour accuracy, and response time. Many gaming laptops are too overpowered for video editing tasks, so you should focus on getting a machine with enough performance without breaking the bank.

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The three most important specs in a gaming laptop for video editing are:

Graphics card:

Unless you’re planning on doing 3D animations or other intense tasks like VR or rendering, you don’t need a fast GPU like in your average gaming laptop. Instead, look for something like a GeForce GTX 1660 Ti or better. For example, Acer Nitro 5 (View on Amazon) is my recommendation. This laptop is called a gaming laptop and has better hardware than other gaming laptops in this price range.


The CPU is the engine that drives everything in your system – from your games to your video editor. You’ll want a quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU for most applications, but if you’re doing heavy work like 4K video editing or transcoding, consider going all the way up to an Intel Core i9 CPU.

RAM memory:

For many applications, 8GB of RAM will be plenty, but with more powerful software being released, 16GB would be a better bet. If you want to run multiple programs simultaneously or handle more complicated workloads, 32GB might be necessary. If you’re planning on doing any 3D art in Adobe After Effects or Maya, 32GB should be considered a minimum.

Screen size:

A bigger screen means more space to work with your videos and other assets. The best screen size is between 15 and 17 inches because size matters a lot while editing videos, and it’s more reliable to have a bigger screen size.


Storage is another important thing to have. The benefits of having fast storage can enhance your editing experience and speed up the rendering duration. So consider having SSD storage which is much faster than traditional HDD storage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a gaming laptop good for graphic design and video editing?

Yes , a gaming laptop can be a good machine for both tasks. You need a decent graphics card and a better processor to handle the intensive graphical tasks if you’re a graphics designer.

Are gaming laptops good for Adobe?

Yes, gaming laptops can handle all the video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and the rest. 

What computer is good for video editing and gaming?

There is a long list of these computers. But in short, Apple MacBook M1 computers are the most powerful computers for video editing.

Are Asus gaming laptops good for video editing?

Asus produces some of the best gaming laptops. These laptops can handle complex video editing tasks, so you can have an Asus gaming laptop for video editing.


I hope you got the answer; are gaming laptops good for video editing? With that said, gaming laptops are good to handle complicated video editing activities, but to do that, there must be compatible hardware for 1080p, 4k and 8k video editing. In addition, if you’re interested in buying the best video editing laptops, check out the newly launched computers by Apple, called Apple MacBook M1 Pro and Pro Max variants.

With almost 8 years experience in the PC hardware industry, Leo is happy to share his expertise with you. He writes about what is the best technology on the market, mostly about the laptops. He's also gaming enthusiast and spent his spare time on his gaming PC.
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